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Freelance WordPress Developer – How can we work together?

By Sean Lang

Freelance WordPress Developer

As a Freelance WordPress Developer, I work with clients in a variety of ways depending on their specific needs.

What is a Freelance WordPress Developer?

A freelance WordPress developer is a web developer who works independently, offering their skills and expertise in building and maintaining websites using the WordPress platform. They work directly with clients, rather than being employed by a company, on a project-by-project basis.

Fixed Term Contract

Under a fixed term contract I would work within your business for a fixed period of time, usually 3 – 6 months. For this I charge a day rate of £400 which gets your 8 hours of my time (minus a 1 hour lunch break). This can be beneficial if you have multiple WordPress Websites you need support on or for larger projects requiring more than 1 WordPress Developer.

Fixed Price Project

Another way I often work with clients is on a fixed price basis. This is where I am provided with designs, I quote a fixed price for your project and I work on the project in the background. This is great for smaller projects, usually around 2 – 3 weeks work. I always provide a fixed cost, which will only ever change if the scope of the project changes.

Support Pack

Support packs are great for B2C clients who need someone to help maintain their own WordPress website. You purchase a block of my time, usually 40 hours, which can be used to update and maintain your website. This can include anything; from adding new templates to improving your Google Lighthouse Scores. You will always have a Freelance WordPress Developer on hand to support you with your website needs.

How do I hire a Freelance WordPress Developer?

You can connect with me on LinkedIn or use my contact page to get in touch!

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