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ET Works, A WordPress Sage 9 Build

ET Works are a team of IT experts who work with businesses all over Europe to maintain their computer systems.

The website was built as an information hub, to display information about Services, Technologies and Case Studies which all come together in “The Works”.

I built a custom theme using Sage 9 with Bootstrap for the Grid system / responsive framework and Isotope to create interactive content filters.

Each different section has its own Custom Post Type and its own archive page. The Works brings all of these content types together into one filterable page.

The website also integrates with Zoho CRM system to track customer interactions including navigation around the website and submitting forms.


It was built using Isotope to provide a smooth searching and filtering experience. However, this caused issues relating to how the taxonomies interacted with each other. It quickly became very easy to be too specific and end up with no results, to resolve this we decided to make each filter independent. Reseting any previous filters when a new filter is changed.

What my clients say