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Omnya Travel WooCommerce Subscription System

Omnya Travel is a Luxury Travel and Dining Brand club in Paris. The offer members exclusive access to Hotels, Restaurants & Events which are sold out elsewhere.

The website is a custom WordPress theme, using Sage 9 as a framework. It includes membership system with 2 different access levels, managed through WooCommerce Subscriptions with Stripe and PayPal for payment processing.

Logged in users see different content depending on their user level, while anonymous users are prompted to purchase a membership.

The website also features a booking request system for Hotels and Restaurants. Both Elite and Diamond Memberships feature unlimited hotel books. However, the Elite membership receives 15 Restaurant bookings per year and the Diamond Membership receives 25. This is managed in the backend using a token system. Whenever a request is made a token is deducted, when the user runs out of tokens they are prompted to either upgrade their membership or purchase additional tokens.


This project had various challenges, one of the biggest being image quality. Due to the nature of the website, showing luxury hotels and restaurants to affluent clientele, the images needed to be as high quality as possible. Because of the large number of images, this lead to significant performance issues.

To offset this, I implemented a WordPress Caching plugin as well as using Cloudflare CDN to deliver the images. I also upgraded the clients hosting to ensure there was no issues with performance when the Cloudflare Cache was missed.

What my clients say